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Rocky Rafaela does leather differently. We’ve transformed the iconic biker jacket into a show-stopping investment piece that’ll make the woman who wears it stand out in a crowd. The slick, sharp lines and structure are softened with an elegant eye for feminine detail. Each piece explores the dualities of strength and vulnerability, of masculinity and femininity.

Stylists and celebrities across the globe clicked with her uber-chic style and the brand carved a niche quickly. Featured in music videos such as the DNCE- BODY MOVES film clip, and worn as a trophy piece by Ruby Rose in the No Maybe’s commercial by Maybelline New York. Rocky Rafaela is loved by some of the most stylish women on the planet, Rocky Rafaela has become a brand to watch and Gregory is proud to be the woman behind it all.

Rocky Rafaela gives every woman a chance to reveal a signature flair that honors both her physical and mental strength. The range includes experimental twists on classic styles that are both urban and elegant. Dress them up for graceful evenings, or down for an off-duty model look.

Our ambitions are vast because we believe that standards matter. We always use high-quality, unique fabrics. We never copy designs. We labor over patterns and manipulate prints until they are exactly right.

Rocky Rafaela uses ethically sourced leather then combines steel buckles with lush silk and handcrafted Indian sequins so you can inhabit the shadows or the spotlight. 


Rocky Rafaela is for the woman inside of you, the one who wants to be noticed. She dresses to impress. She’s done with making excuses and acting small. She’s learned to ignore anyone who says she can’t, because they’re wrong. Scratch her surface and you’ll discover she’s got more than you ever thought possible.

She’s fierce but soft at the same time, hiding nothing to face the world with courage earned through making mistakes and coming back stronger.

The Rocky girl is you, the real you. She has doubts and fears like anyone else, but she acts in spite of them, creating her own style with no regrets.

 So what is that style? It’s raw and natural and all your own. It’s bold and chic and strong because you’re unique. You don’t pose, you please yourself and you know that’s what matters most.

The Rocky girl is the free spirit inside of you, so own her. Be the one who’s not afraid to experiment, walk the line and handle whatever the world throws at you.

Rocky Rafaela is about honoring your wild, brave authentic self. The adventurous one. The lover. The fighter. The princess. The one who changes the mold. 

This is Rocky Rafaela. This is you. 


After completing a degree in fashion at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Rochelle Gregory didn’t go on to intern or work for other fashion houses as she had such a strong vision, which she needed to fulfill. She knew what she wanted so she went ahead and created Rocky Rafaela.

“If you don’t try you’ll never know” is her catchphrase and Gregory says her designs are to give women the confidence to go for what they want. Spend just moments with this designer and you’ll see she’s the pure source of energy and excitement inherent in each piece. 

Working closely with her manufacturing team, Gregory travels the world seeking inspiration and materials. The creative process starts with a visualization of color and material before graduating to sketches. Gregory then uses 3D software and toile samples to tweak each piece until it’s perfect.

Gregory's willing to push boundaries to constantly create unique and different designs, which are unrestricted by opinion or trend. She describes her mind as a maze with endless avenues. “Every piece I create is a reflection on the hyperactivity of my feelings and thoughts. The inner fire and passion that exists within me is the motivation and strength behind the brand.

I never stop creating”. 



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